What if Lego City got a cycle path set?

·1-min read
This cycle path suggestion has been submitted to the Lego Ideas website.

A young Lego fan in the Netherlands, with a love of cycling and a concern for road safety, has shared an idea for a new Lego City cycle path. If the idea gets 10,000 votes on the Lego Ideas online platform, the project could be submitted to the famous plastic brick-maker, which may then choose to release it as a new construction set.

The initiative aims to turn Lego City into a truly modern, bike friendly kind of place. This creation could, moreover, easily add on to the Road Plates and Shopping Streets sets recently introduced by Lego.

The proposed two-way cycle paths are wide enough for use by cargo bikes, not to mention all the other kinds of bikes your Lego can build. Bike racks feature alongside the cycle path and the young designer has included cycles such as a bike with a child seat, a bike with a crate on the front, and a bike with bags at the rear. There's even a broken bike being repaired by a rider who's pumping up its tires.

Since it was posted, the project has been creating a buzz in the media and on social networks. In just a few days, the project has already become one of the platform's most popular, with over 3,000 votes.

Lego Ideas is an online platform where users can suggest new projects which, if they gain at least 10,000 votes, will be studied by Lego. Each year, several new Lego Ideas construction sets are released onto the market. Right on trend in current times, this kit certainly wouldn't look out of place in Lego's range.

See the "Bike Lanes" suggestion on Lego Ideas: ideas.lego.com