Legendary Skyrim and Fallout artist brings their most popular mod to Starfield - unbelievably detailed eyes

 Starfield/LogRaam via NexusMods
Starfield/LogRaam via NexusMods

A prolific Skyrim and Fallout modder has brought their incredibly detailed eye mod to Starfield.

Yes, you read that right: eye mod. 'THE EYES OF BEAUTY' is a mod that's long been famed on the Skyrim and Fallout modding scenes for doing what it says on the tin - adding photorealistic eyes to your player character in Bethesda's RPGs. Now, it's Starfield's turn for the overhaul.

On NexusMods, the mod's creator, LogRaam, reveals this new mod isn't just a simple reskin of the mod user in both Skyrim and Fallout. Rather, this version of The Eyes of Beauty is rebuilt from the ground up specifically for Starfield, and it's a wonder the modder has managed to pull it off less than a week after Bethesda's RPG entered early access.

"Creating a mod like The Eyes of Beauty requires a lot of time and effort. Each texture is drawn and assembled by hand. I hope you'll enjoy the result as much as I enjoyed working on this project," writes LogRaam. More textures will be added "very soon," so The Eyes of Beauty is only going to have more options for you to play around with in the future.

There's something a little uncanny valley about the whole thing, truth be told. The waifish woman displayed as the headline image on the NexusMods page, who looks like something out of a fake mobile phone game, probably doesn't help. It's a little ironic, then, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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