The Legend of Zelda fans are mourning the lack of remote bombs in Tears of the Kingdom

 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players are currently mourning a feature noticeably absent from the Breath of the Wild sequel: remote bombs.

Breath of the Wild fans should be all too familiar with remote bombs, an item that allows Link to blow things up from a safe distance. Unfortunately, it looks like the item didn't carry over into Tears of the Kingdom and has instead been swapped with bomb flowers. Although players are able to get by just fine without the weapon, it seems fans aren't quite ready to move on.

The most vocal person on this issue is arguably Twitter user @aquatic_ambi, who shared a screenshot of the square remote bomb from Breath of the Wild with the caption: "Missing babe so much right now. You’ve saved me so much weapon durability in [Breath of the Wild] and I want you to know you were appreciated. You cut my trees. You kaboom’d my [Bokoblins]. I love you."

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This tweet urged other Zelda fans to reply with their own fond memories of the remote bomb, as if it really was a loved one who passed away. "The fights we cheesed together" one user replied, to which @aquatic_ambi responded: "Stun locking a helpless moblin was one of our cherished memories."

The replacement item, bomb flowers, clearly aren't cutting it, as another user adds: "The amount of times I'm out of bomb flowers in this game has been so sad. Why couldn't they have brought them back with Fuse? Imagine the power of free bomb arrows."

The remote bomb's absence is felt beyond this specific Twitter thread, of course. Other players have also expressed their sorrow over the missing item, such @misterduby, who tweeted: "It doesn’t feel right not immediately having the remote bomb in Tears of the Kingdom. That was my opening attack for every enemy camp." Likewise, @CupidofPrudence said: "One thing I wish Tears of the Kingdom still has from the original BOTW were the bombs. I miss the bombs."

Nintendo, you know what to do. Let the people throw bombs.

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