The cast of Bad And Crazy talk about the physically challenging nature of the series

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  • Lee Dong-wook
    Lee Dong-wook
    South Korean actor
iQiYi's latest action-comedy series Bad and Crazy features Lee Dong-wook (left), Cha Hak-yeon (middle, left), Han Ji-eun (middle, right) and Wi Ha-joon (right)
iQiyi's latest action-comedy series Bad And Crazy features Lee Dong-wook (left), Cha Hak-yeon (middle, left), Han Ji-eun (middle, right) and Wi Ha-joon (right). (PHOTO: iQiYi)

The cast of K-drama Bad And Crazy, which premieres this Friday (17 December) on iQiyi and features Squid Game star Wi Ha-joon alongside Goblin's Lee Dong-wook, talked about the challenging physical nature of the series in a press conference yesterday.

iQiyi's latest action-comedy show is centred around Soo-yeol (Lee Dong-wook), a competent police detective with questionable ethics looking to get ahead in life, who gets paired up with K (Wi Ha-joon) a maniacal yet righteous individual who is not afraid to uphold justice in a corrupt world using any means necessary. 

The resulting partnership gives the series an interesting Korean version take on the movie Rush Hour (think Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker).

"My character K has a lot of action scenes to pull off, so I trained a lot before shooting. He’s very different from other characters that I’ve played before. So I watched a lot of comedy and because he’s rather comical, I tried to make jokes on set to stay in character. I really transformed myself into K," says Wi Ha-joon, who plays the helmeted biker who partners up with protagonist Soo-yeol.

Actor Lee Dong-wook acknowledged that the cast did have to prepare very physically for the series, and he joked that he didn't have much to prepare for his role as Soo-yeol.

"I didn’t put in much effort at all, although it seemed like I put in the most effort out of all of us here. Ha-joon and I had the most action scenes in this drama and we were the best with action, especially Ha-joon who understood what the action team wanted from him," says Lee.

"For me it was about overcoming my laziness and to keep moving on set. If you look at the highlights I had to roll a lot," Lee deadpans to laughter from the rest of the cast.

"I shot a lot of scenes on this drama, and I appear from the beginning until the end, if you had action scenes in between, it was quite action intensive. The high-tech actions scenes were for Ha-joon but I didn’t get those," says Lee.

K-pop group VIXX's member Cha Hak-yeon, better known by his stage name N, plays a supporting role as Oh Kyung-tae, a junior police man who warms the team like sunshine with his fresh and innocent antics.

"I had a lot of actions too. I had to walk a lot and had stunts that I had to do on my own. I was directed to do my actions not in a funny way but to come up with a 'Kyung-tae style' of action. I was comic relief in some parts, but others I was more expected to contribute to the emotional part of the drama," says Cha.

Rounding up the cast is Han Ji-eun, who plays Lee’s former girlfriend as police officer Lee Hee-gyeom, and admits that physical action is not really her forte.

"I signed up to train myself at this action training school, and I constantly had to overcome my limits as I wasn’t great with action. I wanted to be like Ha-joon and I still couldn’t pull it off no matter how hard I tried," says Han.

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