Leanne Li is having a girl

14 Sep – Actress-beauty queen Leanne Li recently announced that she is having a baby girl.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who is currently five months pregnant with her first baby, shared the good news on Instagram with a photo of her showing off her pregnant belly and the word "Baby Girl" written across it.

She wrote, "Today, the little princess is accompanying me to work."

Speaking about the pregnancy, Leanne said that she is very happy to find out that she is having a baby girl as she really wanted to have a daughter.

"I also hope that our next child will be a boy," she added.

Leanne also revealed that they are still currently in preparation to welcome the baby.

"I have not bought the supplies just yet, and the baby room is still under renovation. The most important thing is that she will born healthy," she said.

On the other hand, husband Wong Cho Lam, who previously expressed his worries that their baby will inherit his strong gene and look more like him, commented, "The baby needs to work hard so that she will inherit all her mother's aspects!"

(Photo Source: Leanne Li Instagram)