These Are Leanne Ford's Go-To White Paints

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Photo credit: Reid Rolls
Photo credit: Reid Rolls

In case you missed it, Leanne Ford is doing a gut reno on an adorable bungalow. While she's elbow deep in demolition, we checked in on the latest development: materials selection! With the construction phase of the project coming to a close and the design portion on the horizon, Ford has been busy playing with swatches and samples to see what paint, tile, and finishes will work best in the bungalow (an original Sears craftsman!). Read on to hear which colors and materials made the final selection round—and which got the final seal of approval. Check in for more updates on the project and stay tuned for the final reveal later this year!

There's finally a light at the end of the tunnel on this project....but, it's a long tunnel. You guys voted on Instagram to raise the roof—which meant chopping the whole house in half and starting over. Now we have a beautiful four bedroom, three bath house to complete. We are salvaging everything we can, but we're adding boatloads more. Here's what we've settled on for the next step—next time we talk, let's hope we have a functioning home!

White Paint.... of course!

Ok, I'm pretty sure I looked at every white paint on the planet and for this project I landed on Crisp Linen from the Behr Dynasty Line. It's warm but still clean and fresh with a hint of vintage and I think it will be perfect for bringing this Sears Kit House into 2021.

What I've ordered:

A skim coat of concrete!

For awhile now I have been using Surcrete as my go-to way of adding texture to a space. I am planning to use this alongside tile in almost every single bathroom in this project. It's cozy, it's textural, it adds a natural element and best of all....water resistant!

What I've ordered:


I glazed and fired handmade tile in my very own ceramic studio that is going up in the kitchen as the backsplash. I'll also have tons of tile coming from Zia Tile in tones of white and terracotta—we have big plans for those. We are talking cool patterns, mixing and matching, fully tiled custom vanities and even hand drawn designs in bronze....stay tuned to see if it works!

What I've ordered:

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