Lea Salonga won't be able to perform at SEA Games

Heidi Hsia

26 Nov – Although she recorded the official anthem of this year's SEA Games, Lea Salonga recently revealed that she will not be there at the opening ceremony held at the Philippine Arena on 30 November.

As reported on Push, the musical star, who recorded the theme song, "We Win As One" earlier, said that she has another theatre-related commitment that she cannot cancel.

"Sweeney Todd and all of its murderous mayhem has already contracted me to be in Singapore, but because Singapore is a member of the ASEAN, I'm sure that a lot of Singaporeans (will watch) and it's going to be on TV, so for sure I'm going to probably be catching up with it later in the evening after I get home from work," she said.

Despite not being able to be there in person, Salonga said that she is still proud to be given the responsibility of performing the said song.

"It's not just Lea Salonga but Lea Salonga from the Philippines singing it. So there's a difference in the mindset, there's a difference in execution in my mind. There is a while different mode of thinking that I just kind of launch into when I represent the country," she said.

Salonga also expressed hope that the Philippines will win a respectable amount of medals.

"But even if we don't, let's host everyone with hospitality and big smiles on our faces," she said.

(Photo Source: Lea Salonga Instagram)