Lea Salonga unperturbed by UK show's recent mishap

Heidi Hsia

1 Aug – Broadway star Lea Salonga has laughed off the notion that she was angry over a British news programme making the mistake of introducing her as another person.

As reported on PEP, the actress, who was introduced as environmentalist Anna Hughes by news anchor Stephen Dixon on an episode of Sky News' "Sunrise" when she was there to promote her concert tour in the United Kingdom early July, told the media recently that she just found the whole thing funny.

"My thinking is, well, if it's going viral, then hopefully that means people would be interested in my tour, so it was a blessing," she said.

Salonga said that she was not at all offended by the mishap, saying that one can't always take offence over such a trivial thing.

"There are things to be offended by, but that's not one of them. It could happen to anybody, so it's okay," she said.

However, Salonga did give a joking reminder to all TV shows out there, "Make sure you know who your guests are!"

(Photo Source: Scottsdale Performing Arts)