Lazada’s new LazLive+ brings ‘shoppertainment’, education and inspiration so shoppers can Add to Cart. Add to Life.

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This content was produced in partnership with Lazada

Lazada has some exciting news for customers across Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines, as it debuts its new brand proposition, ‘Add to Cart. Add to Life.’, and the next step in interactive online shopping with the launch of LazLive+.

It recognises that shopping is not just about the purchase - it’s the ambition, the desire, the lifestyle that we hope to make a reality, whether it’s the free weights we buy to ensure we start prioritising our fitness, or the kitchen gadgets that will make our most memorable meals for friends and loved ones.

People aren’t just looking to make purchases, but shoppers also want informative, educational and inspiring content to make their purchases more meaningful and to make the shopping experience more holistic, which is where Lazada’s new ‘Add to Cart, Add to Life,’ mantra comes in. Which is why, rolling out live from July 25 across Malaysia, LazLive+ brings education and inspiration – as well as an interactive social component – to the online shopping experience for customers. The programmed series of ‘shoppertainment’ content features trusted experts bringing their skills and tips to your smartphone screen. Experts will share their favourite products and hacks for how to use them with consumers, with the aim of helping customers get the most value out of their purchases.

Participate in real time

While each episode is designed to equip consumers with new knowledge, they will also have the opportunity to socialise while shopping remotely. Viewers can participate in real time with LazLive+ programming by voting, chatting with experts and reaping the benefits from exclusive deals and discounts.

Shoppers can expect bespoke LazLive+ programmed content dedicated to their region and featuring well-known experts from their home country. For example, one LazLive+ highlight from Singapore is the debut of D.I.Y. Like a Pro, a 15-episode show that connects consumers with their favourite personalities like Aiken Matthew Chia, Andrea Chong, Derek Cheong, Mong Chin Yeoh and Tiong Jia En, who will complete challenges each episode while sharing their favourite hacks and tips with viewers (as well as getting advice from them, too, which gives viewers the chance to win shopping vouchers).

Malaysian viewers will also have access to a celebrity chef (Sherson Lian), a gaming champ (Jaasuzuran), a fitness master (Jordan Yeoh), a beauty expert (Tasnim Shah) and well-loved female pop group sensation Dolla through livestream shows, while Filipino brother and sister duo Erwan Heussaff and Solenn Huessaff-Bolzico will impart food and fashion knowledge to viewers in their livestream, which also features gamer Alodia Gosiengfiao as a co-host.

“As Southeast Asians continue to add to cart, we want to be that bridge that connects our customers to opportunities that add to life. For us, it’s not just about buying a pan; it’s about owning a pan to add amazing flavours to a delicious meal for loved ones,” explains Marcus Chew, Chief Marketing Officer at Lazada Group.

As Lazada continues to forge new avenues in e-commerce, the message that shopping isn’t just about buying something for the sake of it is loud and clear. Online shopping is about convenience, sure, as well as finding the right items to improve and empower your everyday experience.

More than that, Lazada is showing consumers how online shopping is all about connection – with others, online, through LazLive+ – but also connecting with our purchases… which can help us discover new passions and goals. Find out more...