Layla Sania hopes to release songs in multiple languages

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29 Dec – After releasing her third Mandarin single, Malaysian teen singer Layla Sania hopes to try her hands on singing in other languages as well.

The 19-year-old, who recently released, "Bambino", a duet with female rapper Bunga, stated that she will let her record label, Warner Music, make the decision for her when it comes to future songs, but that she would love to expand her linguistic ability.

"I would like to release songs in English, Korean or even Tamil," she said. "I would love to learn Tamil because my dad is Indian Muslim, but we don't speak it. So, I hope to learn it for myself and maybe use it for my career in the future."

'Bambino' is Layla's duet with rapper Bunga
'Bambino' is Layla's duet with rapper Bunga

At the same time, she also hopes to release different versions of "Bambino".

"Of course, as a singer, I would love to sing [the song] in various versions like Malay and English," she said, adding that she fell in love with the song after hearing it for the first time.

Prior to "Bambino", Layla released two Mandarin ballads "By Your Side" and "Traveler".

More songs ...bring it on
More songs ...bring it on

(Photo Source: Layla Sania Instagram)

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