Lay’s Lime & Sea Salt Chips Will Have You Crunching Into Summertime

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
·1-min read
Photo credit: Instagram @junkbanter
Photo credit: Instagram @junkbanter

The chip aisle is stocked with a kind of new Lay’s flavor. What does that mean? Well, in 2019, Frito-Lay released three flavors inspired by music, and one of them was Electric Lime & Sea Salt. Now the flavor is back, but just as Lime & Sea Salt.

If your taste buds have a really good memory, you might be able to tell if these chips have the same seasoning as the one two years ago, but Lay’s hasn’t confirmed it either way. Regardless, if you like lime-flavored chips and salted chips — which, duh, who doesn’t? — then these will probably be up your alley.

We have our Instagram friends for alerting us that Lay’s Lime & Sea Salt chips are back with new packaging. As detailed on the packaging, they’ll be available for a limited time. They’ve been spotted on shelves by at various stores, including Target and Safeway, according to @junkbanter. So it doesn’t sound like you’ll have a hard time finding a bag or two.

Is anyone else thinking that this Lay’s flavor sounds ideal for pairing with a cocktail? Particularly a margarita? Specifically during happy hour? Ideally in the sunshine? Same.

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