Lawmen: Bass Reeves boss shares how the show is "part of Yellowstone world"

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Lawmen: Bass Reeves director Damian Marcano has shared how the show is "part of the Yellowstone world".

From Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan, the new western series tells the real-life story of freed slave Bass Reeves, who became one of the first Black deputy US Marshalls after the Civil War.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy about how the new series fits in within the ever expanding Sheridan-verse, series director Damian Marcano described Lawmen: Bass Reeves as Yellowstone's "cousin".

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"I'll give it to you like this: I tell people… you know, Taylor Sheridan poured gasoline on my fire. So, yes, I think it's a part of the Yellowstone world in the fact that Taylor obviously has the largest stage right now, as far as someone who is creating episodic, large things. Right? Big faces, big names that you see on the small screen," said Marcano.

"I think that this is a cousin to that, but it's definitely nothing like this. He definitely gave us the freedom while making this to essentially pivot and make something that's one of a kind."

"Because all of his shows – you know, Lioness, I also love. Everything's not just Yellowstone. You know, Tulsa King has its own thing. So I believe that Bass Reeves is just another thing to add to the universe of Taylor Sheridan, opposed to just the universe of Yellowstone," he continued.

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When asked if he felt any pressure when making the show due to the popularity of Yellowstone, Marcano said: "Nah man. I always joke – I say" 'This is what the rasta came for, man.' I'm an artist just like him, just like anyone else. So I think it's just a fun opportunity to perform on a very big stage."

Lawmen: Bass Reeves is available to stream on Paramount+.

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