Lauren Hutton was once tempted by plastic surgery

Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton was once tempted to go under the knife and get plastic surgery.

The model/actress has long been an advocate of ageing gracefully, and while the American Gigolo star loves her wrinkles, she has previously had Botox injections to keep her fine lines at bay.

"You're always tempted to go down that route and they keep finding new things to do, like removing your fat or doing this or that, but you know, I would rather have a face like an African elephant's bottom anyway," she told The Telegraph's Stella magazine, before insisting that she's never had any work done. "I see an awful lot of women and it looks scary because they're so smooth and don't look real."

Lauren, who is now an ambassador for anti-ageing skincare brand StriVectin, added that she's lucky to have her wrinkles, and wants other women to feel the same.

"We want to see what someone has done, that is the point of growing up and getting old, and if we are lucky, then we get to do that. Beauty is health. You should enhance yourself to make yourself look healthier without masking yourself up," the 76-year-old explained.

Elsewhere, Lauren opened up on her "thrilling" appearance during Pierpaolo Piccioli's couture show for Valentino in July last year, when she stunned on the catwalk in an emerald green dress and trench coat.

"When they asked me, I thought, 'Well sure, why shouldn't I do the show?' It was very thrilling," she gushed.

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