Lau Ka Ho defends "Heart and Greed" storyline

11 Dec – TVB producer Lau Ka Ho doesn't mind comments saying that his new drama, "Heart and Greed" is outdated when compared to other 2017 dramas like "Line Walker: The Prelude" or "My Unfair Lady".

As reported on Mingpao, the producer who spoke about the Louise Lee-starrer and its alleged attempt to repeat the success of its predecessors ("Heart of Greed" and "Moonlight Resonance"), said that it is his intention to bring back the old feeling of family togetherness.

When mentioned that netizens are criticising the old-fashioned opening of a family having a meal together, Lau said, "It's hard for Hong Kong people to sit down and have a family meal at home nowadays. So I am very interested in bringing back the "dining table drama", where people solve their disputes while having a meal together."

"It's a family-oriented television drama after all," he said,

In regard to criticisms saying that the drama tries to replicate its predecessors' catchphrases and plot, Lau said, "We also have new ideas, but at the same time, we can't just remove the elements that viewers like from the first and second instalments."

Lau added that he does not agree with the term "outdated" and "old-fashioned", and that his only intention is to entertain the viewers and make them feel happy watching television.