Latest Diablo 4 hotfix takes aim at trading glitches

 Diablo 4 official keyart showing Lillith
Diablo 4 official keyart showing Lillith

A new hotfix for Diablo 4, aimed at tackling trading glitches in the action-RPG, has just been deployed.

In a post on the Blizzard forum, Diablo 4's global community development director revealed that Hotfix 2 for Patch 1.1.2 is currently being rolled out to players. The list of fixes is pretty slim, but crucially it resolves issues related to players exceeding the gold cap when trading.

According to the patch notes, Blizzard has "fixed an issue where players were not receiving the correct amount of gold when exceeding the gold cap while trading." The developer adds that "trades will now be canceled if the recipient would exceed the gold cap," thus hampering players' ability to plunge the in-game economy into absolute chaos by offering up ludicrous amounts of gold for the best gear.

This comes after trading in Diablo 4 was temporarily suspended due to a gold duplication exploit which saw players bidding on items with eye-watering sums of gold. One sure sign that something was amiss was when a single crossbow was sold for a whopping 30 billion gold. The market wasn't closed for long, though, as Blizzard worked quickly on a fix for the dupe glitch and player trading was reenabled the very next day.

Patch 1.1.2 was rolled out earlier this month and provided a plethora of fixes for Diablo 4's dungeons, classes, quests, and more. It also killed a farming glitch that meant players could repeat Nightmare Dungeons by promoting other party members to leader.

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