The Last Thing He Told Me stars break down that touching finale reunion

the last thing he told me, jennifer garner, nikolaj costerwaldau
Last Thing He Told Me stars talk finale reunionSaeed Adyani - Apple

The Last Thing He Told Me spoilers follow.

The Last Thing He Told Me stars have broken down the touching reunion scene between their two characters in the final episode of the Apple TV+ series.

Adapted from the 2021 book by Laura Dave, the seven-part series stars Jennifer Garner alongside Game of Thrones' Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Hannah Hall and Owen Michaels respectively.

The final episode saw a flashforward to five years after the events of the series, with Hannah having opened a new exhibition, which Owen turns up at. He whispers in her ear and then leaves, walking out of her life again.

the last thing he told me, jennifer garner, nikolaj costerwaldau
Jessica Brooks - Apple

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Speaking to Digital Spy, Coster-Waldau said his character risked it all partly due to his gratitude towards Hannah: "I think the core of this is kind of like – he says, 'I’ll do anything for my daughter'. He’s always there. And then, of course, the gratitude he feels towards Hannah, the love of his life in a way. She has managed to take care of his daughter, to protect her, so that she could become this—

"We see it in the final part of the show. She’s alive, she’s vibrant, she’s in love. I think he had to come back and just let her know that he was thankful. Or maybe he’s just a psychopath. I don’t know. She almost got over him, but then he just has to come back."

jennifer garner, the last thing he told me
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Garner said of the reunion: "I so applaud Hannah for not punching him, and grabbing him, and asking him the millions of questions she must have, and berating him for putting her in the position that she’s in. She has to have done so much work to have found peace, to be able to handle that moment.

"But also, gosh, it must have been like an oasis for her in the middle of a desert to just feel him next to her for a moment."

The Last Thing He Told Me is available to stream on Apple TV+.

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