Last minute preparations for CNY 2017

We’re just a few days from Chinese New Year and that means you have only a little more time to prepare.

Oh, we don’t mean to send you into a panic. In fact, don’t get into a frenzy just yet. To help you get sorted and make sure you don’t miss a thing, we’ve put together a checklist you can follow to prep for CNY.

1. Buy a new set of clothes

It’s custom to dress yourself in a new set of clothes for Chinese New Year, from head to toe. Whether you are opting for a traditional attire or something modern like a floral maxi dress, it’s preferable to wear at least one red piece of clothing in red as the Chinese believe red symbolises luck and wards away evil.

While it might be too late for online shopping at some places, Zalora is a good option for some last minute buys. They are pretty quick in their delivery and you should receive your order in a day or two.

2. Colour your hair or get a haircut

Don’t want your relatives to spot your growing number of white hairs? Then a colour session is what you need! If you are not sure what colour to go for, read our article on the best hair colours for your Zodiac sign. It’s also a good idea to give your hair a final toning if you’ve just bleached your hair. A haircut is also a great way to get rid of those damaged ends if you don’t have the time for treatment.

Pastel Rainbow by 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Katong MODA

We’ve prepared a list of salons with no CNY surcharges and salons you might be able to get a last minute appointment despite the CNY busy period.

3. Get a manicure

Get a festive manicure to complete your overall look for CNY.

Nail Colour by LeeKaJa Hair & Beauty Salon

If you have time during lunch, we suggest dropping by Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon for their affordable gel nails promotion. Alternatively, there’s also Korean nail artist, Nuri from LeeKaJa Hair & Beauty Salon.

4. Prepare new notes and ang baos

For married couples, don’t forget to get your new notes from the bank or selected ATMs. At while you are it, don’t forget the red ang baos too! Fewer companies are giving ang baos this year, possibly to save cost. So you might have to kope some from your parents.

5. Spring clean your house

The new won’t come if you don’t throw away the old. Spring cleaning is necessary, especially if friends and family are visiting.

You might want to make your house welcoming to guests and keep it clean to draw in good luck. Traditional beliefs claim that this also cleanses the house of all bad energy that might be hindering your prosperity. You could even get your whole family to help and make a family bonding session out of it.

6. Stock up your drinks and CNY goodies

Once your house is tidy, it’s time to prepare the CNY goodies. Be sure to have extra at hand because these yummy goodies are sure to run out quick. Bak kwa, pineapple tarts and shrimp rolls - these have people salivating just at the thought of them, so be sure to have enough at the ready. Festivities are all about food and fun after all!

7. Buy food for Steamboat or book a restaurant for reunion dinner

Whether you will be spending reunion dinner at home or having a meal outside, don’t forget to confirm your plans and ensure you have everything you need for a joyous reunion dinner.

Buy food for the steamboat before all the good stuff runs out, and if you intend to go out, appoint a person to book a restaurant before it’s too late.

8. Repay your debts

It’s taboo to bring your debt into the new Lunar year. Superstitions aside, it’s wise to welcome the new year with a fresh start and repaying your debt is a good way to improve your financial health. Pay off what you can, no matter how small the amount is, and make a plan that will allow you to be debt-free before the following year kicks in.

Some measures you can take include setting aside a bit of cash monthly for your debts, monitoring your credit card spending, avoiding paying late fees and not borrowing from friends, family or licensed money lenders.

9. Catch a movie

Not going for a lot of visiting this year? You still can have some fun with your family by catching a CNY movie such as “Kung Fu Yoga” featuring Jackie Chan, “The Fortune Handbook” starring Mark Lee and Li Nanxing, “Take 2 遇见贵人” and “Journey To The West: The Demons Strike Back 西游伏妖篇 2”.

Do buy the tickets ahead of time though, as the cinemas are often full during CNY!

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