The Last Exterminator calls on the obvious person to fight an alien cockroach invasion

 A hand in the foreground loads a pistol as a pair of alien cockroaches approach.
A hand in the foreground loads a pistol as a pair of alien cockroaches approach.

I'm a sucker for the concept where you get someone who's good at a specific task to do a technically-related but wildly different thing and they're hyper-competent at it. For example, who would you call if an invasion of alien cockroaches came swarming down from the skies to end humanity? Obviously you'd call the exterminator, says Ironworks Games, Australia-based developers of The Last Exterminator.

It'll be a "high-octane retro-FPS" or boomer shooter or whatever we're calling them these days, complete with angular enemies and explosive weaponry, and a shotgun, obviously. The devs describe it as a game about "adrenaline-fueled carnage" focusing on classics like Doom, Duke 3D, Blood, and Quake. Here's how they summarize the plot:

"You play as Kira Parker, a down-on-her-luck exterminator barely making ends meet. When working a job one night, an alien invasion starts tearing apart the city, and in the crossfire they manage to destroy the only thing that Parker had left; her van. With nothing left to lose, she fights her way through the streets to tackle the invasion head-on, and figure out just what the hell is happening in this city."

They say that The Last Exterminator will have 12 weapons, 16 types of enemies, and three episodes of "action-packed, hand-crafted levels full" that are "full of frantic chaos and devious secrets." I personally am excited because of the part where this game knows its genre well enough to call the standard enemies "Gruntroaches."

The Last Exterminator will run on Ironworks' proprietary Mars engine, which means it'll have a full suite of modding tools and an in-engine level editor to make your own maps or entire campaign.

You can find The Last Exterminator on Steam, where it'll get a demo on September 28th.