Larissa Nicole, International Speaker, Author, Thought Leader, and Homemaker CEO: Building Women Leaders Right Inside Their Homes

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The Brains Behind the Boss of the Business

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In the team’s interview with CEO & founder Larissa Nicole, they quickly recognized that her knowledge and expertise were not amiss. When she was asked why she chose to pursue the mind as a means to see women transformed, her answer surprised many.

Larissa said, “When a woman makes up her mind, her mind makes things happen. The thoughts you think impact the emotions you feel and drive the decisions you pursue, and when repeated determine behaviors and habits, whether good or bad.”

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One thing the team noticed about Larissa was her confidence. Her ability to articulate her thoughts precisely, with confidence, passion, and authority.

How has Larissa, known as an International Speaker and Authentic Leadership Strategist, been able to impact hundreds and thousands of women across the globe?

She continued to say: “I never imagined I'd be retired from my Federal Government Job at 31 years old to help lead women to do the same. I believe the challenges and obstacles in my life helped me grow as a leader, and what I learned qualified me. I’ve suffered through the micromanaging, disrespectful manager. I’ve been unfulfilled, underpaid, and undermotivated at a job. I've been misled and laid off, but I chose to use it all for good.

God has written your story as well, and when you make up your mind and believe that you can achieve the desires He’s placed in your heart, despite what your current situation looks like, then your belief + actions make that happen.”

Larissa has also Authored a book titled, Leadership Redefined as the guide to stand out in the Marketplace and leads teams of women entrepreneurs every day on how to Lead their Life. She does this through her Signature Program: The Exit Strategy, which helps unfulfilled 9-5 visionary women and leaders gain the confidence to turn their expertise into their exit strategy.

“What you do well should not only pay, but it should create the life you desire, the #goodlife.”

Tips on how to turn Thoughts into Revenue and Dreams into Reality

Larissa knows that the way her life has unfolded is intentional. She says, “You don't just arrive at the good life; you go after it. Going after the life you desire may look different for everyone, but for the woman on the fence contemplating taking a chance on herself by leaving her 9-5 job to pursue full-time entrepreneurship, I say to you EXIT. The vision inside of you will only manifest when you believe it through action; the woman attached to you is waiting on you to step into your Leadership.”

This piqued the team’s interest to hear more; that’s when Larissa continued to say, “The life you desire to see starts with a vision, moves with a decision, and reveals with action.”

In closing, she gave 3 Strategic Steps to creating the life people dream of:

  1. “Vision Cast: Writing the vision for your life, make it plain.”

  2. “Decision Making: Cut off all other possibilities and fully embrace all that the decision brings while making the decision work for you.”

  3. “Action Taking: Creating plans, systems, and processes that align with your vision and decision.”

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