Lara Worthington confirms she's pregnant with third child

Sam and Lara Worthington

Model Lara Worthington has confirmed she's expecting a third child with her actor husband Sam Worthington.

The Australian model was rumoured be pregnant again as she had been spotted in public with a burgeoning bump in recent weeks, and she confirmed the happy news during an interview with Vogue Australia while in Sydney ahead of her appearance at the reopening of Louis Vuitton's reimagined George Street store.

"Yes, I'm pregnant!" the 32-year-old told the publication, adding that the tot will be her third son. "I'm having a boy, early next year. It's my third boy, and we're all very excited and very happy. I think any addition brings joy and happiness to the family, but more so when you can share it with the other boys. It's such a boy's club in my house!"

As for how her sons Rocket, born in 2015, and Racer, born in 2016, are dealing with the thought of their mum having another baby, Lara added: "They think it's cool. We talk about it a lot because I have spent a lot of time in bed recently. And they're like, 'What are you doing?' All boys, I think, want a brother. So, another brother... you know, it's building the football team. They're excited!"

Speaking previously about becoming a father, Avatar star Sam admitted he's more than a fan of having little ones to look after.

"The most surprising thing about fatherhood is that I love it," he smiled to "I love it more than anything in the world. If my job now didn't exist, I would be a stay at home dad."

Lara and Sam married in 2014.

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