This laptop has seven screens! But why?

·1-min read
The Expanscape Aurora 7 has no less than seven screens (including one built into the keyboard).

British company Expanscape has unveiled the first laptop PC with seven screens, currently still a prototype. While this technical feat is surprising, to say the least, what kind of usage is envisaged for this kind of computer?

The prototype features four 17.3-inch 4K screens and three other 7-inch HD screens. Two of the larger displays are in landscape format, folding out directly above the keyboard, while the two others line up on either side, in portrait format. Two of the smaller screens take position above the lateral larger screens, while the final display is built into the keyboard.

Otherwise, this exceptional computer features an Intel i9-9900K processor and 64 GB of RAM. It can also house up to 4.5 TB of storage. Under the hood, this beast runs on two batteries, which, when used alone, promise no more than one hour of battery life for normal usage.

Note too, that this unique laptop isn't particularly portable, weighing in at 12 kg.

It's hard to imagine this laptop having much appeal for home users. In fact, this kind of computer is aimed first and foremost at professionals -- essentially in finance -- such as traders and the likes who need to keep an eye on various kinds of data simultaneously.

Expanscape now plans to improve the configuration of this PC, as well as its finish, in order to put a few units up for sale soon at an as yet unconfirmed, but no doubt prohibitive, price.