Land subsidence damages homes in Peru

STORY: The incident took place Tuesday morning in the coastal province of Huaral.

Neighbors said neither local authorities nor COSCO representatives had approached them to talk about the incident.

The company suspended construction on a tunnel for a major port project in northern Peru after the partial landslide struck and is working to find the causes behind it, a company official said.

Huaral’s Criminal Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation on Wednesday (May 17) into COSCO Shipping Ports Chancay Peru SA for its alleged responsibility in the damages endure by Chancay locals affected by the sinking.

As part of the major infrastructure project, COSCO is building a 1.1 mile (1.8 km) tunnel designed to cross under a residential neighborhood and connect a highway with the port. The $1.3 billion project's first stage is set to be completed by the end of next year.