Lana Nordin denies "running away" to the US

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17 Sep – Lana Nordin recently dismissed the notion that she was running away from netizens by deciding to go to husband David McKienzie's hometown in the US.

The actress, who was asked about her recent journey, stated that the whole family had to go back to visit her ailing mother-in-law after having not done so for the last three years due to the travel restrictions caused by the pandemic.

"My mother-in-law is not in the best of health. She is in her 80s now. We had wanted to go back in May this year, but we had to reschedule our tickets several times because of the restrictions. But we couldn't do that again this time as her condition is getting more concerning," she said.

Lana added that her husband is an only child, and would need to sign several documents concerning inheritance.

"His visa is also expiring, so he has to leave the country first," she said.

Lana with her husband and children
Lana with her husband and children

Lana stated that they used to return to the US every six months in the past prior to the pandemic, and there are a lot of things that needed to be done while they're in the country, dismissing the notion that it has anything to do with allegations of her refusal to get vaccinated.

"People kept accusing me of being an anti-vaxxer. They didn't know that I have a valid reason why I am saying no for now. My second child is still breastfeeding and he has a heart problem. I don't want to rush into anything that could endanger him. I will get vaccinated as soon as the full research is announced," she said.

As to when she will be returning home, Lana said that she will be coming back next year.

(Photo Source: Lana Nordin Instagram)

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