Lana Del Rey postpones the release of her new spoken word album

The award-winning vocalist announced the project back in December, teasing that it would arrive as soon as January 4.

Del Rey recently issued a statement announcing the delay of her spoken word album, which will likely be entitled after her upcoming book of poetry "Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass."

"Hoping everyone had a great New Years, gonna wait for about a month to put out 'Violet' since we lost about nine days with everything going on -- it's an interesting project though, looking forward to having it out x," she wrote on Twitter, presumably referring to the robbery her family suffered in late December.

Just after Christmas, Del Rey revealed on social media that her relatives had been robbed over the holidays, with her sister and photographer Chuck Grant losing her "entire retrospective."

Additional family mementos were taken, leading the "Born To Die" vocalist to encourage the thieves to return her sister's work in exchange of "a no questions asked reward."

"The work we lost can't be reproduced and exists nowhere but where it was," Del Rey added on Twitter.

Last December, Del Rey announced that half of the proceeds of her upcoming spoken word album will benefit Native American organizations across North America.

She also shared details about the inspiration behind the "freetsyle poetry" project, revealing in an Instagram video that she "wanted to do it because in doing my own work in connecting to my family lineage, I was encouraged to also try and connect with the country's lineage."

This spoken word album is not the only project Del Rey will release this year. While the release of her collection of poetry is on hold, the chanteuse revealed that she was already working on the follow-up to "Norman F*****g Rockwell."

"I've already written parts of it. It's called 'White Hot Forever.' I feel like it probably will be a surprise release sometime within the next 12 or 13 months," she told The Times back in August, adding that she "do[esn]'t want to take a break" from music.