Lala Hsu to tie the knot with director Bill Chia

10 Aug – Taiwanese singer Lala Hsu recently announced that she will be tying the knot with boyfriend, Bill Chia.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer announced the good news on Instagram with a photo of her with the director, writing, "The singer is getting married to the director. The woman is getting married to the man. Black is getting married to white. Sagittarius is getting married to Pisces!"

Lala revealed that she will begin planning for her wedding in spring, and will inform everyone about it once it is completed.

Acknowledging the age gap between them, she added, "I have the insight and good fortune of getting married 11 years earlier than him, and apart from this 11-year difference, we also have too many similar shortcomings, so it was hard to escape from each other!"

The singer also stated that this will be the beginning of another unknown journey, and that she will prepare herself for the challenges to come.

(Photo Source: Lala Hsu Instagram)