Laksa stall turned into a bar: How did Madam Liew’s Bistro & Bar come about

By the looks of my title, I am sure you’re confused as to how a laksa stall made a 180 degree change and turned into a bar. If you’re active in the hunt of finding the best laksa in Singapore, Madam Liew’s Recipe might be a store that you’ve come across. A bar selling laksa masked in the bustling streets of Chinatown, Madam Liew’s Bistro and Bar has now rebranded and reopened as a new brick-and-mortar store.

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Madam Liew’s Bistro and Bar now features traditional Nyonya laksa for lunch and craft beers in the evening. They were previously located along East Coast Road and closed in early 2019. They continued selling bowls of Madam Liew’s laksa and ondeh ondeh through online platforms with self-collection methods.

After their closure, their media presence dissipated apart from occasional announcements for food orders. You can imagine my surprise when they suddenly came up with a rebranding with a totally whole new vibe!

Madam Liew Bistro and Bar - Laksa

Madam Liew’s famous Traditional Laksa is slow-cooked over charcoal, resulting in the smokey aroma of its broth. Lighter as compared to most laksas, it is palatable for most that are not a fan of the lemak flavour. A simple bowl like this is laden with fresh prawns, cockles, fishcakes, and bean sprouts. Going at S$8, it satisfies your laksa cravings and it is not even jelak!

Additionally, a pro-tip to conquer this delicious bowl is to ask for an additional serving of rempah and add it to the broth. It gives the soup a spectacular touch of tangy and spicy. I mean, Madam Liew herself makes about 10kg worth of rempah a day, so I would assume that the spices pack a punch as heavily as they weigh!

Now let’s get to the exciting part. The very fact that they’ve transformed into a bar means we definitely have to get to the drinks. They serve craft beers on tap and many other alcoholic beverages. So for those who like to indulge, grab a refreshing pint to complete your meal!

Now serving in the heart of Chinatown, one can drop by Madam Liew’s Bistro and Bar for a hearty meal and light drinks before heading for round two!

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