The laksa burger debuts at Burger King, along with the return of the rendang one

In keeping up with fickle trends, fast food chains have been launching limited edition creations every now and then. Sometimes it works, though most of the time people expect too much from these locally-inspired burgers and fries. Guess you get what you pay for.

But hey, that isn’t stopping the likes of McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger King from continuously upgrading and coming up with new flavors to draw in the crowds. Case in point: BK‘s new laksa burger, which debuts on July 16, alongside the return of the popular rendang burger.

Influenced by the familiar flavors of laksa, the burger version drips with dried shrimp sauce, in an attempt to mimic the spicy coconut broth. No explanation on what exactly goes into the sauce, but that’s fast food for you.

It comes in two options: The Laksa Double Beef burger and the Laksa Tendercrisp Chicken burger. Both are stacked with hard-boiled egg slices and cucumber chunks within the sesame seed buns. Plus, returning to the menu, the rendang beef and grilled chicken burgers are slathered with your usual rendang sauce and sprinkled with chopped onion bits. Both go for S$6.50 a la carte, but you can get a Value Meal for S$7.90 or upsize it for S$8.50.

As to whether the new creation lives up to expectations or not, we’ll only find out next week when both items arrive at outlets islandwide for a limited time.

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