Lai Lok Yi supports Jacqueline Wong's return

11 Mar – Aside from Kenneth Ma, Lai Lok Yi has also recently expressed his support for Jacqueline Wong to make her showbiz comeback.

As reported on On CC, the TVB actor who has worked with the actress on his variety programme last year, said that Jacqueline is a talented actress who shouldn't let her gift go to waste.

"No matter what had happened, she is just a girl. She should be given another chance. It has already been a long time anyway," he said.

Lai also admitted that he has spoken to the "Handmaidens United" star following her return from the United States.

"She seems to be well. She maintains a positive outlook on everything," he said.

The actor added that he will have no qualms giving the actress his full support if she does need any help in making her return.

(Photo Source: Lai Lok Yi Instagram)