LAGOM Pairs Korean Skincare With Scandinavian Simplicity

The most radical movement in beauty today is keeping things attainable. That is exactly what LAGOM has done with their capsule skincare series, by merging Korean research with Scandinavian simplicity.

Forget the type of self-care that’s a diamond-encrusted, 14k gold-plated essence (that’s really a night mask masquerading as a moisturiser slash ‘miracle’ firming oil cream). Stop the madness. There’s no way you sleep easy slathering your paycheck across your pores.

And don’t even get us started on the impracticality of ten step routines. They’re fantastic, but the modern-day independent man/woman is a time-starved, sleep-deprived and overworked creature.

As the adage goes, the best skincare routine is the one you can actually maintain.

With a philosophy of “Not too little, not too much”, the brand offers a straightforward back-to-basics line with labels that do as they say. Kiss hours of guesswork at the drugstore goodbye. Bonus points for the unisex, minimalist packaging (the male ego can be a fragile, complex thing).


Mist Toner
Mist Toner

A standout. It’s rich in antioxidants to fortify skin against free radicals, but more importantly dispensed with a high-quality fine spritzer nozzle. Skincare junkies will tell you it makes or breaks a product and this makes me feel like I’m standing right next to the giant fountain at Jewel.

Also use it to refresh makeup in the middle of your day: spray lightly in an X motion, and pat with a sponge over creases. For a more controlled glow, gently blot excess with a tissue. Or store in an icebox on your next picnic for a cool-down skin treat.

The pH-balancing mist also leaves tiny bubbles that you can feel popping on your skin. Very champagne feels. At S$36 a pop for a generous 150ml, this is an addictive luxury you can afford.



A no-frills moisturiser that works under makeup or by itself. Infused with Green Tea Callus Culture and Macadamia Nut Oil, it smells wonderful and doesn’t turn into an oil slick under the unforgiving Singapore weather.

My only gripe is that it takes a significant amount per application to moisturise my face, even with combination skin.

There’s also a heavier option available called the Deep Moisture Cream, but we’d recommend keeping it to a nighttime mask for locals.

For an ultra-quick three-in-one morning application, mix the moisturiser, SPF sun gel and your favourite foundation in a 1:1:1 ratio in your palm. Massage into your skin using the warmth of your fingers, powder lightly in the T-zone.

For a beachy glow, top with cream blush, skip the powder and spritz on setting spray. Simple products maxed out like a pro.


Sellus Sun Gel
Sellus Sun Gel

Great. SPF 50 with PA+++ coverage, and protects against both UVA and UVB rays on the spectrum. Fast absorbing with no white cast, and extra moisturising thanks to the brand’s signature Dermaflux technology that activates cell proteins that act as water channels in the skin.

Suited for the urban dweller with errands to run, long hours outdoors or if you work in a sun-drenched cubicle.

The active swimmer should look elsewhere though. It’s not as water-resistant as some of the other SPFs out there, but it works into the skin way easier.

In life you win some, and you lose some. Just use SPF while you’re at it, okay?


Day&Night Cleanser
Day&Night Cleanser

These products were billed to work as a double cleanse but if we were to take a leaf out of the brand’s less is more approach, we’d say you’re fine picking just one.

The microfoam cleanser offers a deep cleanse, leaving a squeaky clean feel that’s reminiscent of Tatcha’s Rice Polish Enzyme Powder. But with fewer steps, and at a far more affordable price point. Use if you have oily skin, or a cakeface to banish. Then follow up immediately with nourishing skincare, because it has a tendency to dry out the skin.

The Gel to Water formula was much gentler and great for tired, fatigued skin.

Being on a beach shoot all weekend meant that my skin was toasted to the precise Pantone shade of red lobster, and this was a lifesaver.

If you’re concerned about its gunk-removing firepower, it’s soft enough to pair with a remover like Bioderma’s Sensibio, a pre-wash exfoliating mask, or even a mild overnight BHA treatment depending on your skin’s state daily.


Screenshot 2019-09-04 at 9.30.22 PM
Screenshot 2019-09-04 at 9.30.22 PM

The great: Excellent SPF coverage (50, PA+++), with a formulation that doesn’t settle into fine lines even without setting. Dummy-proof luminescence, and a little goes a long way. Buildable as a concealer (omg).

There’s a handy stippling brush included – pop it in your bag for backseat makeup days, or tipsy touch-ups in the club mirror.

The not-so-great: Only 3 shades are available – I’m a MAC NC30, but needed the darkest shade.

If you can’t find your shade but still want to make it work, sheer it out with a moisturiser, wear as a highlight tone. Or mix it into a darker foundation to lighten it when your tan dissipates.

Korean foundations are notorious for only coming in ‘5 shades of white’ and in 2019 we desperately need companies to understand the power of inclusivity. Because the rest of the world deserves to experience these formulations too. Fingers crossed.

LAGOM is available exclusively at – a newly designed beauty platform showcasing a curated collection of cult skincare and cosmetic products that have garnered growing popularity among beauty consumers.

To mark the premiere of ABX Online, from now till 31 October 2019, customers will receive a complimentary travel kit worth SGD39.90 with a minimum purchase of SGD80.00


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