Lady Wong, New York City’s newest kuih muih shop by Malaysian couple, a sweet hit

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What happens when you take two homesick Malaysians chefs who were unable to return home due to the pandemic and possess deep love for Nanyang flavours? Introducing Lady Wong, a Nanyang inspired kuih muih boutique in the heart of New York City.

Lady Wong - Box of treats

Wife and husband Seleste Tan and Mogan Anthony resided in Singapore for a decade before moving to New York. The couple are no strangers to the kitchen. They’ve worked in five-star hotels, resorts and Michelin star restaurants in Singapore, Malaysia, and New York.

They initially kicked off Lady Wong as an online business in February 2021. Fast forward a year later, their very first brick-and-mortar shop in the East Village— staying true to their motto, “A love letter to Nanyang flavours”.

Lady Wong - Kuih Angku

Walk into their shop today and you can expect to find an array of modern and traditional pastries, all made in micro-batches. From glutinous rice cake, Kuih Angku otherwise known as Red Tortoise Cake in all its beautiful red glory, Kuih Koci, black glutinous cake wrapped in banana leaves, to even the Chinese New Year festive treat, Pineapple Tart cookies.

Lady Wong - Drink

In addition to sweets, Lady Wong has beverages to pair with their sweet treats such as pulut hitam latte and the quintessential teh tarik. After all, how  can you not have teh tarik with your traditional kuih muih?

If you’re ever in Manhattan and missing some nostalgic treats, just drop by Lady Wong’s. Don’t be surprised to see a long queue!

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