Lady Gaga wants Haus Laboratories to break 'the status quo of beauty'

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga created Haus Laboratories to rebel against what society considers to be beautiful.

The Bad Romance hitmaker announced in July that she was venturing into the beauty industry with Haus Laboratories, with her first make-up collection comprised of lip liners, lip glosses, and eyeshadows.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey for Elle magazine, Gaga explained that she wants to use her brand to rebel against the current standards of beauty in today's society.

"I felt that I had the platform and had built the foundation around what I stand for, so that when this company came out, it would be a rebellion in a kind way against the status quo of beauty as it is today, which is in many ways on social media, a competition," she said. "It's a beauty pageant in a lot of ways. This company exists in an influential space in culture where we say, 'Our Haus. Your Rules.' And everyone is welcome - all gender identities.... all gender identities, all racial identities, everyone, every age. This is for everyone."

The 33-year-old shared that she decided to take the plunge with the company this year because she felt she could dedicate enough time to it.

"I wanted to put everything into it, which I do with everything that I do. I don't just put a company together, hire a staff, and have them do it. I said this the other night at our launch: 'My fingerprints are all over this. It's a crime scene,'" the star continued.

Elsewhere in the interview, Oprah asked Gaga about her quirky, headline-grabbing outfits and asked if she felt pressure to constantly outdo herself. Accordingly, the singer admitted she used to deliberately be shocking and think "What am I going to do next to get people's attention?" but she recently realised she was on a "greater mission on this Earth than to freak the hell out of people".

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