Lady Gaga and Glenn Close tied to win a big award and it sounds quite awkward

By Alicia Vrajlal, Yahoo Lifestyle Australia

It was one of the most anticipated moments at the Critics Choice Awards, but things didn’t exactly go to plan when the Best Actress award was announced.

For the second time during the ceremony, a tie was announced between Glenn Close for The Wife and Lady Gaga for A Star Is Born.

At the Critics Choice Awards,a tie was announced between Glenn Close for The Wife and Lady Gaga for A Star Is Born.Photo: Getty

When Glenn Close forgot it was a tie

Things got a little awkward when 71-year-old Glenn seemed to forget she was sharing this moment with another actress, and appeared to walk off the stage after her acceptance speech.

It took a little reminder from the presenters before actress returned to the stage for the revelation of the other winner.

Gaga couldn’t stop crying

Lady Gaga scored the gong, and as expected, it was more dramatic than any teary moment in her actual film.

After unleashing her waterworks, she finally made her way towards the stage, for what would be one of the longest speeches in awards season history.

Lady Gaga couldn’t stop crying. Photo: Getty

Gaga then lost her balance

But on the way, the singer tripped over her strapless gown, and that wasn’t the last of mishaps.

She graciously gestured for Glenn to join her on stage, but her predecessor decided not to walk over, so then began Gaga’s speech.

From cast to crew, mentors to family and of course, co-star and director,  Bradley Cooper, the star’s display of appreciation was endless.

Photo: Getty

The producers weren’t here for it

“It’s ok, I can still do this with a piano background,” she then firmly said as music began to play.

But more than anything, it was this line that took the prize: “I want to thank life”.

We’d like to do the same, Gaga.

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