La Kopi Singapore 2019: Celebrating good food and kopi

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In a search of good coffee? Well, doesn't matter if you're a fan of handcrafted coffee or old fashion kopi-o. And even if you’re not a caffeine lover, there's bound to be something one would enjoy at La Kopi Singapore 2019.  We had an eye-opening caffeinated experience at the inaugural La Kopi Singapore event that happened on 25 - 27 January at the Singapore Expo. From hands-on activities, trying out local and foreign coffee roasters and to pair it with local delicacies! We had the chance to sit back, relax and have a cuppa while learning more on the coffee industry and being a part of the community.

Coffee aficionados bonding over the various brew served at Homeground coffee and roasters

Enjoy coffee from familiar names such as Homeground, Coffee Break and Pyroast. We highly recommend trying coffee brewed from Homeground's award-winning Sidamo Ethiopia beans.

La Kopi Singapore 2019 Homeground coffee 3 in 1 set

Trying the signature 3 in 1 (choice of filter coffee with Cascara tea and Cold brew ice cream

It starts off with the fragrance of watermelon, followed by the sweetness of dark red plum and ends off with the lingering taste of black tea.

La Kopi Singapore 2019 Coffee Break at Amoy

Coffee Break serving up traditional favourites and their best sellers

If espresso isn't your thing, go local with Coffee Break and PYROAST. Coffee Break served traditional favourites such as Nanyang coffee and their best sellers include Sea Salt Caramel Latte, Mint Lime Rose Red Tea and Irish Cream Vanilla Milk.

La Kopi Singapore 2019 Pyroast

Coffee Break serving up traditional favourites and their best sellers

A good cup of flat white from PYRPOAST

Pyroast served up handcrafted speciality coffee as well as local signature kopi and teh. If you love the flavours, you can also purchase the beans from them right at the booth. There are more than 15 varieties of freshly roasted beans from different regions available.

La Kopi Singapore 2019 Grounded Pleasures

Grounded Pleasures served an array of luxurious chocolate drinks

La Kopi Singapore 2019 Grounded Pleasures Dirty Chai

But because we love coffee, we tried their Dirty Chai – chai with espresso

Non-coffee lovers, we've got you covered. There are exquisite chocolate drinks from Grounded Pleasures to savour on and refreshing tea from Bistrotea as well as Petale Tea.

La Kopi Singapore 2019 Petale Tea

My Fair Lady, blooming flower tea from Petale Tea

For those who felt peckish, there's no way one could go hungry at this event. There’s a wide selection of local delicacies and snacks! We went for the traditional snack, dragon bread candy from Nanyang Flavours. Usually, bread candy is served with peanut filling but here, we had the chance to try sesame and kopi filling!

La Kopi Singapore Dragons Bread Candy

Making of Dragon’s Bread Candy from Nanyang Flavours

La Kopi Singapore 2019 Dragons Bread Candy with Kopi filling

Dragon’s Bread Candy with their special kopi filling

And if you're looking out for a nice cold dessert, here's one that will let you reminisce your childhood days! Reinvented after an old school favourite, these frozen treats from The Sng Bao Society offers classic flavours such as bandung, teh tarik and contemporary ones such as yuzu and mango pineapple.

La Kopi Singapore 2019 The Sng Bao Society

Classic Bundung flavoured “Sng Bao” from The Sng Bao Society

If you've missed out on this event, fret not. You can simply visit these coffee roasters and stores in Singapore too. Check out La Kopi Singapore Facebook page for future events!

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