Kylie Minogue admits she was ‘baffled’ by Neighbours reboot one year after show ‘ended’

Kylie Minogue has admitted to being “a little baffled” by the return of Neighbours one year after the show was cancelled.

Last year, it was announced that the long-running Australian soap was coming to an end after nearly 37 years. Former cast members including Minogue, Jason Donovan and Margot Robbie all returned for the final episode in July 2022.

In November, however, the surprise announcement came that Neighbours was being brought back by Amazon Freevee. The rebooted show, also known as Neighbours: A New Chapter, began on 18 September.

Appearing on Hits Radio’s Breakfast Show on Thursday (28 September), Minogue was asked about returning to Neighbours for the “final” episode and the show’s swift revival.

“I was a little baffled when I first heard,” the musician, 55, said, adding that “everyone went to a lot of effort” for the last episode.

“Guy [Pearce] went to the most effort – he had like a million scenes and I felt bad that I was just kind of on and off and said two words,” she joked. “But from Margot Robbie, to all sorts of people that dialled in to pay tribute, it was a huge moment.

“So when it was announced it was coming back, there was a quizzical face!”

Minogue and Donovan returned for the ‘Neighbours’ finale (Channel 5)
Minogue and Donovan returned for the ‘Neighbours’ finale (Channel 5)

Minogue said that she hadn’t seen the new episodes, yet was happy the show had returned.

“All is well with the world and Neighbours should keep going,” she said.

Minogue rose to fame in the Eighties playing Charlene Mitchell on Neighbours, with Donovan appearing as her love interest Scott Robinson.

The pair returned for Neighbours – The Finale, with their 1988 hit song “Especially For You” as they parked up on Ramsay Street. Holly Valance and Guy Pearce were also among the stars to come back for the finale.

Minogue and Donovan at the height of their ‘Neighbours’ fame in 1988 (PA)
Minogue and Donovan at the height of their ‘Neighbours’ fame in 1988 (PA)

Neighbours was originally cancelled after Channel 5 decided to stop airing the show in the UK. When production company Fremantle was unable to find another channel to broadcast the programme, Neighbours was cancelled altogether due to a lack of funding.

The final episode, however, drew in 2.5 million viewers – a significantly higher number than usual.

When it was announced late in 2022 that Neighbours had been picked up by Amazon, fans expressed their confusion at the show being cancelled in the first place.

Original cast members Stefan Dennis, Alan Fletcher, Ryan Moloney and Jackie Woodburne all returned with the show, which has also seen The OC star Mischa Barton join the cast.