"Kuwaresma" to be featured at several film festivals

Heidi Hsia

13 Sep – It was revealed that the upcoming Sharon Cuneta horror flick, "Kuwaresma" is set to be featured at multiple international festivals in the near future.

As reported on Push, the news was shared by the actress herself on social media recently, saying that the upcoming movie will be involved in several festivals that include the Tokyo International Film Festival, which will run from 29 October to 5 November, and Oslo International Film Festival, that will be held from 16 to 27 November.

Among other festivals that the movie will go to include /SLASH Film Festival in Vienna (19 to 29 September), Italy's ToHorror Film Fest (8 to 17 October), Nocturna Madrid International Fantastic Film Festival (22 to 26 October), and Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre (28 November to 8 December).

Directed by Erik Matti, the film stars Sharon Cuneta as the matriarch of a family who is haunted by the ghost of their youngest daughter.

(Photo Source: Sharon Cuneta Instagram)