Kumail Nanjiani 'can't go back' to his pre-Eternals body

Kumail Nanjiani

Kumail Nanjiani is working hard to make sure he doesn't waste his impressive transformation for Eternals.

The comedy actor plays immortal being Kingo in the upcoming Marvel superhero movie, and he debuted his ripped physique on social media back in December.

Kumail dramatically overhauled his lifestyle to play the comic book hero, undergoing intense gym workouts and being on a strict diet, and he doesn’t want to lose his bulging muscles once filming is over.

“This is a key time to establish how it’s going to be going forward,” he told Men's Health magazine. “Because it could very easily go back to how things were. And I can’t do that.”

While he's been open about the vigorous training he’s undertaken, with the help of personal trainers hired by Marvel Studios, the 42-year-old confessed he had to totally overhaul his approach to working out.

“I had to change my relationship to pain,” he explained. “You’re so designed to avoid it, but in that situation you really have to be okay with it. You have to want it. It’s almost trying to rewire your brain.”

And he came to the realisation that his previous exercise regimes were nothing compared to the sessions he underwent at the gym with his trainers in Beverly Hills.

“I realised, if this is what working out is, I’ve never really worked out a moment in my life,” he quipped.

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