Kristin Scott Thomas: 'It's really fun to dress up'

Kristin Scott Thomas

Kristin Scott Thomas really enjoys dressing up for red carpet events.

Of late, the Oscar-winning actress has worn outfits from the likes of Erdem, Valentino, and Dior to film premieres, awards ceremonies, and runway shows. Reflecting on her favourite designers in a new interview with InStyle magazine, Kristin noted that she's a big fan of high fashion.

"This past January, I went to the Dior Haute Couture show, and seeing those beautiful clothes, there's part of me that remains a sort of 12-year-old girl who thinks, 'Gosh, I'd love to wear that dress.' I can just imagine myself floating along, wearing it," she shared. "And I cherish that part of me, because I think it's really fun to dress up."

However, Kristin tends to favour comfort over couture creations.

"I'm also just as happy in my Bella Freud boilersuit that I'm wearing now, which makes me look like a car mechanic. There is room for both - perhaps just not at the same time!" the 59-year-old laughed.

Elsewhere in the interview, Kristin opened up about her daily skincare regime and confessed that her beauty mantra is to "maintain rather than repair".

"Who knows, I may succumb to temptation, and if I do, good luck to me. But it's not in the cards," she explained, noting that beauty standards are very different in France, where she is based. "I think people's idea of what is aesthetically acceptable changes. And it depends on what country you're in too.

"In general, everybody wants to look healthy and happy. If you do, then that's half the battle."

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