Kristen Stewart Turns Seth Meyers Into a ‘Lesbian Icon’ and Critiques His Directing in Day Drinking Segment | Video

Seth Meyers is back with another “Day Drinking” segment, this time with actress Kristen Stewart. It’s wild ride, beginning with Stewart torching his directing skills and ending with her turning him into “a lesbian icon.”

We’re going to start at the end though, by which point, the two were properly drunk. To wrap up the segment, Meyers praised Stewart’s acting skills — something he did multiple times through the bit — but added that she is also known as “a lesbian icon” (a title Stewart proudly accepted).

“Here’s the deal, Kristen Stewart. I have a bunch of lesbian accessories and clothes behind us, and I am now counting on you to turn me into a lesbian icon,” Meyers said.

Indeed, behind him were racks of clothing and accessories, including a tote bag that read “Kiss More Girls.” As Stewart began sifting through the choices, she quickly pointed out “This is really dated, dude!”

Nonetheless, she found an outfit for the host: a denim jacket, which Meyers only fastened the topmost button on, worn over a white top, with glasses, an olive beanie, and pants.

“Dude! You look f—ing cool,” Stewart said, admiring the finished product. “Do you not feel cooler than you’ve ever felt?”

Of course, this moment of bonding was a stark contrast to the beginning of the segment, in which Meyers admitted that Stewart is one of his favorite actors, and then promptly put her to the test.

“I love your choices. You’re a wonderful dramatic actor. And, because of that, we have written the dumbest lines of dialogue for you,” he explained. “And we want to prove how good you are, because you are going to look, and read lines you’ve never seen before, and you’re gonna move people with your talent.”

As she read those lines, Meyers attempted to direct her, but she didn’t appreciate being cut off after one line made her laugh. So, when she tried it again, she cut herself off.

“The last one was so much better,” Stewart said. “You’re such an idiot. You shouldn’t have cut me!”

You can watch Seth Meyers’ full “Day Drinking” segment in the video above.

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