Kristen Stewart slams 'absurd' response to Rupert Sanders affair

Kristen Stewart has hit out at the "absurd" public response to her affair with married Snow White and The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, insisting the pair didn't even have sex.

Back in 2012, photos emerged of the actress and Sanders, who was married to model Liberty Ross, kissing in a car and cuddling on a bridge at the time when the two were working on the movie. Stewart was also dating her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson.

Speaking to host Howard Stern on his Sirius XM radio show recently, the star opened up about the scandal, and denied the pair had an "affair" because they "didn't f**k".

When Stern asked why she didn't "shout that from the mountaintops", Kristen responded: "Well, who's going to believe me?

"It doesn't even matter. It looked like... You know, you make out with a dude in public, it definitely looks like you did."

The star was subsequently dropped from the sequel The Huntsman: Winter's War because of the scandal, and she confessed she thought the axing was the wrong decision.

"We lived in a different time then, you know what I mean?" the 29-year-old commented. "I feel like the s**t-shaming that went down was so absurd. And they should've put me in that movie! It would've been better. Not to be a d**k, but..."

Adding the negative publicity put an end to her romantic encounters with the filmmaker, Stewart explained: "I just thought that that movie actually - we could have made a great second one, and we could have done it in a functional and healthy way.

"We didn't ultimately do that, and that's okay 'cause I did other stuff and it's fine, but yeah, that was weird."

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