Kristal Tin uses time off for rest and exercise

12 Oct - Kristal Tin recently emerged from her short break to attend the press conference of TVB's 50th Anniversary celebration.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who has started her short vacation after filming her last drama two months ago, shared that she will be making public appearances again at the end of the month to promote her upcoming drama, "My Ages Apart".

When asked if there's a chance for her to win TV Queen again this year, Nancy stated that her character in the new drama is not challenging enough to warrant her another award.

"My Ages Apart" is set to premiere on 6 November.

As for her vacation, Kristal shared that she has been using her free time to live a healthier life.

"I was so busy before that I had no time for a good rest and a proper meal. But now, I am taking the opportunity to have as much rest as I can, exercise, and do more sports," she said.

Kristal added that her dream is to get six-pack abs, adding that she is currently not far off from her target.

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