Kristal Tin repairs Chapman To's award as birthday gift

12 Jun – Kristal Tin recently surprised husband Chapman To with a meaningful birthday gift - his previously broken award being repaired anew and now protected in another layer of glass case.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actor-turned-filmmaker who turned 46 recently shared a photo of his newly-repaired Osaka Asia Star Award accolade, and thanked his wife for a great birthday gift.

One can clearly see through the photo the cracks from where it originally broke back in March.

Kristal also posted a photo of Chapman holding his award after the repair, writing, "[Chapman] is so happy and so pleasantly surprised. Happy birthday!"

Chapman, who won the award at the Osaka Asian Film Festival back in March, was only able to enjoy holding the accolade for a few hours before Kristal accidentally broke it after finishing their celebratory dinner.

The actor said that his wife burst into tears after realising what she had done, but that he comforted her and told her that life is unpredictable and that he will hopefully receive another award in the future.