Kris Aquino is grateful for her two sons

Heidi Hsia

10 Mar – Kris Aquino recently took to social media to express her gratitude for her two sons, whom she said have been taking good care of her throughout her struggle with her health condition.

The actress shared a photo of her and son Josh on social media, relaying how Josh and Bimby have been good to her and therefore deserve a gratitude post on Instagram.

"I took a tumble from my bed a day after my birthday, my windows are all soundproof, but the door isn't. I kept shouting for help (in a household with more than a dozen staff) BUT in my estimation, it took more than 20 minutes before 2 people came, by then I was already crying uncontrollably... we now have a baby monitor in my bedroom."

"Yesterday after my shower, I took a step out and my left leg flew under me and I landed hard on my right side. I shouted out for Bimb and he came running... he had the presence of mind to wrap me in a towel and said to not move because I may have dislocated something; he called Alvin and Tin but I said I could go on my hands and knees and try to get up. He helped by practically carrying me."

In another instance, Aquino stated that she could feel her right side throbbing after her pain medicine wore off and asked Josh if he could accompany her to breakfast. The actress stated that Josh promised to take care of her and even helped her put on her joggers.

"Life is far from perfect but this mom knows how blessed she is because of her 2 "giants"..." she added.

(Photo Source: Kris Aquino Instagram)