Kourtney Kardashian loves skipping to help keep her in shape

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian is a huge fan of skipping.

The 40-year-old loves jumping rope to help keep her in shape after her personal trainer told her that a short workout session burns more calories than running.

"First of all, I love to jump rope," she told The Strategist magazine, and added that she prefers the intense workout when travelling. "If I’m not sure I’ll have access to a gym or if I’m with my kids, I may not want to leave and go work out, so I will do (jump rope). And you can do it anywhere, like in your hotel room.”

She also managed to get in a daily jump rope session while on summer vacation with her family, including children Mason, Penelope, and Reign.

"I would do it by the pool in Italy. Our whole summer in Italy, I would jump rope every day for 20 minutes – my trainer says that jump-roping is like double running, so if I jump-roped for 20 minutes, it’s like running for 40 minutes,” she explained.

And Kourtney believes the simple workout session has transformed her bottom.

"It’s hard – it’s something that you have to build up to – but I just put on music and jump rope for 20 minutes. It’s amazing," she gushed.

The Poosh founder also shared her top tip to keep her skin and hair in fantastic condition: a silk pillowcase.

"I remember when I was maybe 15, and one of my mom’s best friends, she was an actress, told us the number one beauty tip is to sleep on a silk pillowcase. I’ve done it since I was in high school. And now I travel with mine," Kourtney explained. "I love it – I think it’s great for skin and hair, and they say it helps with wrinkles. I just think it’s amazing."

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