Korean sci-fi mystery Grid to premiere on Disney+ on 16 Feb

Seo Kang-jun in Disney+ Korean series Grid. (Photo: Disney+)
Seo Kang-jun in Disney+ Korean series Grid. (Photo: Disney+)

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New K-drama Grid, a sci-fi mystery series starring Seo Kang-jun (Cheese In The Trap, When The Weather Is Fine) and Kim Ah-joong (Live Up To Your Name, 200 Pounds Beauty), will premiere on Disney+ on 16 February.

A Disney+ Original under the Star banner, Grid will be available exclusively on the Disney+ streaming service.

Disney's synopsis of the show is here:

Centred around a group of people hot on the trail of a mysterious figure known only as “the Ghost,” the individuals and mysterious government organizations must work together to track the figure down and uncover why, 24 years after creating the Grid system to protect the planet from devastating solar winds, “the Ghost” is now an accomplice to murder.

Besides Seo and Kim, the main cast also includes Kim Moo-yeol, Kim Sung-kyun, and Lee Si-young.

Seo plays Kim Sae-Ha, an employee of the mysterious government agency known only as “Bureau,” who has spent the past 24 years tracking the Ghost, waiting for their next appearance.

Seo Kang-jun and Kim Ah-joong in Disney+ Korean series Grid. (Photo: Disney+)
Seo Kang-jun and Kim Ah-joong in Disney+ Korean series Grid. (Photo: Disney+)

Also hot on the heels of the Ghost is vigilant police detective Jung Sae-byeok (Kim A-joong), who is dragged into the pursuit after finding pertinent clues about an otherwise dead-end case.

Grid is written by critically acclaimed screenwriter Lee Soo-yeon (Stranger, Life), and directed by Lee Khan (The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful) and Park Cheol-hwan.

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