Do you know why soaked and peeled almonds are better?

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Do you know why soaked and peeled almonds are better?
Do you know why soaked and peeled almonds are better?

15 Oct 2021: Do you know why soaked and peeled almonds are better?

Since ancient times, we have been taught that almonds are one of the most nutritious natural foods. Well, that's true! But have you ever wondered if soaked and peeled almonds are better or raw almonds? Whether soaked or raw, almonds are healthy in all forms. However, let us see why it is advised to eat soaked and peeled almonds.

Digestibility: Soaked and peeled almonds are easily digestible

Raw almonds have a tough and hard structure which makes them difficult to digest. Soaked almonds are softer and easy to chew and thus are easily digested. If you soak the almonds for five to six hours or overnight, it will multiply the benefits of consuming almonds. For more benefits, eat soaked almonds on an empty stomach as they speed up nutrient absorption time.

Weight loss: They are good for weight loss

Consumption of soaked almonds is an effective way to lose weight. Many dietitians suggest the intake of soaked and peeled almonds as they can make your stomach feel full for a longer duration. This will prevent you from having those extra calories when you feel hungry. They are also beneficial in fighting symptoms of metabolic syndrome. They also reduce levels of bad cholesterol.

Blood pressure: In fact, they help control high blood pressure

Given our sedentary lifestyles due to work routines, we often forget about health problems, like high blood pressure, we might face in the future. However, health experts say soaked almonds can increase the amount of alpha-Tocopherol in the blood, a compound that aids in maintaining blood pressure. But that doesn't mean you can replace your fitness routine with just the consumption of soaked almonds.

Other reasons: Raw almonds generate imbalances in the body

Consumption of raw almonds may heat up your body, which could be problematic in summers when your body wants coolness. They might also hamper digestion. Moreover, if you don't soak almonds, they hinder nutrient absorption in your body due to the presence of phytic acid in raw almonds. This is, perhaps, the key factor of soaking this nutrient-rich nut. Rest, the choice is yours!

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