Know these tips to clean soft toys of your kids

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Know these tips to clean soft toys of your kids
Know these tips to clean soft toys of your kids

02 Oct 2021: Know these tips to clean soft toys of your kids

One of the finest ways to calm down an irritated child is to give them a soft toy. Many kids cannot sleep without their favorite teddy bear. They can also spend an entire day playing with these softies and tend to take them along wherever they go. This can make the toys dirty. Here's how you can keep their soft toys clean and germ-free.

Tips #1: You can wash them in washing machine or by yourself

First, remove the dirt from the soft toys. Then, pack all the stuffed toys in a mesh bag and drop them inside the washing machine. Program your washing machine in soft or gentle mode. Use cool water and avoid drying in the machine. You can also wash by dipping those in cool water and detergent powder. Avoid washing toys with non-removable battery packs/electronics.

Tips #2: Remove stains using a brush, check for color leak

Even after washing, you might find some stains on the toys. In that case, you should soak the toy in detergent water for about an hour. Take a soft brush or toothbrush and gently rub it on the stain mark. Before washing the toys, do a color test by washing a corner of it to check if the color of the toy is bleeding.

Tips #3: Delicate toys should be handled with extra care

If your kid takes the soft toys along with them everywhere or puts them inside their mouth, washing the toys becomes imperative. Clean those using a wet cloth. Pack them in a paper bag containing two cups of baking soda to deodorize. Shake the bag thoroughly and keep it aside for 30 minutes. Wipe with a dry cloth and clean with a vacuum cleaner.

Tips #4: Take these precautions before cleaning the toys

The fabric of some soft toys may not be able to withstand a wash in a machine. So, always check the care label before proceeding. Oxygen bleach liquids may damage toys made of leather and woolen fabric. Also, let the toys get dried naturally. Comb them before giving them to children. If the toy has lots of accumulated dirt on it, just discard it.

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