Know About the Journey of Yash Katyal From Entrepreneur to a Lifestyle Blogger

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In today's digital world, youngsters love to follow lifestyle influencers to stay updated with the latest fashion and make an impact on social media. Although you will find many influencers on social media, today, we will tell you about an exceptional influencer who is a businessman by profession.

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Still, his passion for fashion makes him different from other influencers. We are talking about Yash Katyal, who started his journey as a fashion blogger on social media in 2016, who began his career as a model in 2012. Still, within a few years, his love and passion for fashion made him a lifestyle. Took the lead in the influencer direction, and today, Yash is a well-known Lifestyle Influencer who has worked with close to 100+ brands in the fashion world.

It is not at all that Yash Katyal dominated social media in the very beginning. It took him two whole years to make his mark as a fashion blogger, and after two years of hard work, Yash started gaining popularity, from where he got recognition as a lifestyle influencer.

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Referring to the beginning of his work on social media, Yash says that his brother Vipul Juneja inspired him to become an influencer on platforms like Instagram and live his dream. Yash Katyal currently has a fan following of around 1,62,000 on Instagram.

Knowing his impact on society and being a conscious citizen, Yash Katyal is working on low-cost apparel, which he will dedicate to the NGO. He also ran several campaigns for the Kovid Warriors during the times of Corona, sensitizing people to follow the Kovid protocols like wearing masks and social distancing. At the same time, they also help many new small creators grow ahead to make an impact in society.

Currently, talking about his plans ahead, Yash says that he is planning to work on a fitness blog along with fashion soon so that his audience can focus on fitness along with style.

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