Do you know what happens if you consume excess water?

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Do you know what happens if you consume excess water?
Do you know what happens if you consume excess water?

28 Sep 2021: Do you know what happens if you consume excess water?

A grown-up can go without food for three weeks, but cannot do without water for even three days, as per a saying. And this is actually true! Water helps in digestion, gets rid of our waste, and is also responsible for producing sweat, a necessary thing for our bodies. But did you know excessive consumption of water is actually harmful? Know all about it.

Details: Know why your body requires 3-5L of water per day

On average, the human body requires three to five liters of water in a day. The main function of water is the purification of your urinary system comprising kidneys, bladders, and excretion of the waste material. Kidneys remove toxins from your body, but they are capable of processing only 800-1,000ml of water in an hour. Excess consumption of water means your kidneys are overloaded.

Adverse effects #1: Excessive water consumption may lead to hyponatremia

If you take water beyond the mentioned limit, it dilutes the sodium ions that surround your cells. A certain proportion of sodium and potassium diffusion is necessary for your cells. If sodium dilutes, your cells will start swelling. This condition is called hyponatremia and it results in confusion, nausea, may lead to coma, and finally death if proper checks are not done.

Adverse effects #2: These are the symptoms of water intoxication in your body

A healthy human urinates six to seven times a day. Reduce your water intake if your urination is more than this count. Water intoxication is nothing but electrolyte imbalance in your body, and this may lead to swelling of your legs, lips, and hands. Overconsumption of water also may lead to spasms and cramps. You might also witness disorientation and confusion after water intoxication.

Hacks: Tips to ensure water balance is maintained every day

-Experts suggest you take water only when your body is giving signs of being thirsty or feeling dehydrated. -Also when your urine turns dark yellow, it's time to drink water. -Physically active people require more quantity of water than those leading sedentary lives. But keep an eye on how much water you are drinking. -And do remember, anything in excess always has side effects.

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