Kitty Zang dismisses rhinoplasty rumours

18 Nov – Chinese actress Kitty Zhang Yuqi recently debunked netizens' speculations that said she had undergone rhinoplasty and other cosmetic procedures on her face.

As reported on ET Today, speculations about a nose job sparked recently, when "The Mermaid" actress went on a live stream to communicate with her fans about her skincare routine.

Many were shocked to see the actress, as aside from having a v-shaped face, her nose also looked different than usual, sparking allegations that she had gone under the knife and was worsened by it.

In response to the speculations, Kitty posted another photo of herself on social media the next day, showing that there were no changes at all to her looks.

"Turned off the filter," she added in the caption - a simple line explaining the reason why she looked different in the previous live stream.

It is noted that while Kitty did not undergo plastic surgery this time around, the actress has never been shy in admitting that she has had some cosmetic procedures done to her face, including a double eyelid surgery and ultherapy to tighten her skin.

(Photo Source: ET Today)