Nestlé launches made-to-order luxury KitKats for £14 a bar

The six special edition KitKat bars, which start at £7.50 and will be available to buy in 30 John Lewis stores nationwide [Photo: Nestlé]

One of the nation’s favourite chocolate bars has undergone a luxury makeover.

Nestlé has just launched a new range of “luxury handcrafted” KitKat fingers that will be available in bespoke packaging – but it won’t come cheap.

The £14 KitKat Create Your Break eight-finger bar will give shoppers the opportunity to create their own expertly crafted KitKat bars from a wide range of options.

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There will be nearly 1,500 flavour combinations, with ingredients including rose petals, cocoa nibs and shortbread pieces, and the option to coat the fingers in ruby chocolate.

A cheaper option will be to buy one of six handcrafted six-finger special editions, which start at £7.50 for flavours such as Zingtastic Gin and Tonic, Springtime in Japan and Whisky and Ginger.

The new KitKat Chocolatory bars offers nearly 1,500 different flavour variations [Photo: Nestlé]

Rabia Khan, head of KitKat Chocolatory for Nestlé, said: “This is the biggest news for KitKat since the introduction of the KitKat Chunky exactly 20 years ago.

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“You know how much people enjoy experimenting with new and exciting KitKat flavours, and the KitKat Chocolatory offers a whole new, premium KitKat experience as well as the chance to create your very own personalised break.”

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Chocolate connoisseurs won’t be able to buy these treats from their local newsagents, though. Instead, the bars will be available to buy in 30 John Lewis stores across the country.